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Turning climate-related information into added value for traditional MEDiterranean Grape, OLive and Durum wheat food systems



June 2020

Dear Madame or Sir,

We hope you are all fine in these difficult times. As it has been for the rest of the world, the COVID-19 outbreak has not passed unnoticed to our project. However, although some activities could not happen face to face as initially planned, when possible, we have turned them virtual.

In the following sections you will find updates on project developments, from which we would like to highlight the interactions with users to develop the MED-GOLD dashboard (socalled dashboard sprints) and the recent organisation of a webinar on the time scales of climate predictions as well as the MED-GOLD Living Lab training activity.

Thank you for being part of the MED-GOLD community and enjoy the reading!


Testing the climate services tools: Second round of users' feedback


In our previous newsletter, we explained that in October 2019 the climate services tools for the grape/wine, olive/olive oil and durum wheat/pasta sectors were presented to several stakeholders at an open stakeholder workshop in Cagliari, Italy. During that event, we obtained a first round of feedback that was used to tailor the MED-GOLD sectoral tools.

During the first part of year 2020, we presented the tailored tools to some of the previously engaged stakeholders, as well as to some new ones, in order to assess the tools’ usability and acceptance among the sector communities. This was done in three different phases: (1) a co-design phase, where functional specifications of the MED-GOLD platforms were discussed. Available platforms include the MED-GOLD dashboard (under development), and the Olivia, CLISAGRI, DELPHI, and platforms; (2) a co-development phase, including dashboard sprints and online surveys; and (3) a testing phase, that encompassed internal meetings with decision-makers from the three target sectors (grape/wine, olive/olive oil and durum wheat/pasta). Face-to-face participatory workshops for all sectors are planned to take place after the pandemic if the situation allows.

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Promo video: Climate services for the olive and olive oil sector


A 2-minute video where MED-GOLD partners provide an overview of the work undertaken to develop the climate service for the olive and olive oil sector.

Watch promo video»


Glossary: Let's speak the same language!


We are uploading useful definitions to our Glossary. Check them out if you are unsure of what we mean when using a particular term.

Access the Glossary »


Info sheet: Time scales of climate services for agriculture


Our fifth info sheet describing the different time scales of climate forecasts is available online. Learn about the main differences among available forecast types and their applications!

Download info sheet »


EU Farm to fork: The role of climate services


MED-GOLD has provided feedback to the draft of the sustainable food 'Farm to fork' strategy from the European Commission, one of the pillars of the European Green Deal.

Read our statement »


Meet our External Advisory Board!


Check out our new online campaign introducing the MED-GOLD Advisory Board, comprised of high-profile experts representing key European and international agriculture organisations and initiatives.

Meet the MED-GOLD EAB »


Webinar: Watch recording 'Time horizons of climate services for agriculture'


We want to thank the MED-GOLD community for your high interest in this second webinar, which was organised in April 2020 and was joined by 90 attendees. The recording and other relevant materials are available online, and the discussion can be followed-up on our forum.

Access recording, summary and presentations »

Access Q&As about the webinar on the forum »


Living Lab 2020: Turning climate information into value for traditional Mediterranean agri-food systems


Our Living Lab dedicated to early career scientists and professionals in the areas of climate science, agriculture, economy, social sciences and communicatin has just finished. Recordings are ready on our YouTube channel and a summary document on the Living Lab experience will be available soon.

Watch Living Lab sessions recordings »


MED-GOLD dashboard: Under construction


We are developing a web-based application to provide climate information for the MED-GOLD agri-food sectors. If you are interested in knowing more and be updated on early releases, please, contact us.

Contact us »


Events with MED-GOLD presence

December 13, 2019

National Coordination Table in the field of Agrometeorology »
Rome (Italy)

Project coordinator (L. Ponti, ENEA) did an oral presentation entitled ‘The Horizon 2020 MED-GOLD project and its ICT platform for developing climate services in agriculture’ to an audience comprising meteorological services and plant protection services from all administrative regions of Italy, in a thematic meeting about platforms and phytosanitary models. The web conference meeting intended to explore some tools potentially useful to the Regional Agrometeorological Services for the correct application of the principles of integrated pest management within the scope of the National Action Plan.


February 11-13, 2020

International Conference on Climate Services-6 (ICCS 6) »
Prune (India)

Project partner (M. Bruno Soares, UNILEEDS) had an oral presentation entitled ‘Exploring the added value of MED-GOLD climate services across crops and agricultural regions’. She presented the project tools under development and the potential for their upscale to other crops and climates to an audience consisting of representatives of the national and regional meteorological services, national and local governments, intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations, research institutes and the private sector.


March 11, 2020

Podcast Onda Cero Antequera »
Antequera (Spain)

Project champion user for the olive and olive oil sector (J. López, DCOOP) introduced the MED-GOLD project in the agricultural space 'Más de uno' from Onda Agraria, Antequera (minute 33-60, in Spanish).



May 27, 2020

III OLEA International Project Networking Event »
Online, organised by University of Jaén (Spain)

Project coordinator (S. Calmanti, ENEA) and the champion user for the olive and olive oil sector (J. López, DCOOP) participated to this event, which had the objective to foster collaboration among researchers, SMEs, public administrations, universities and research institutes in R&I proposals focusing on the olive sector. They provided a general overview of the project and, in particular, of the activities regarding the olive sector.




Survey from the MEDCLIV project: Mediterranean Climate Vine & Wine Ecosystem

MED-GOLD sister project MEDCLIV is calling for the participation of vinegrowers and winemakers to an online survey to know about your attitude regarding climate change. You can answer the survey in:

Italian ** Spanish ** French ** Slovenian ** Portuguese ** Greek

Thank you!



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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement nº 776467
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