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Turning climate-related information into added value for traditional MEDiterranean Grape, OLive and Durum wheat food systems



June 2019

Dear Madame or Sir,

Thank you for being part of the MED-GOLD community! We are proud to see how our community has been increasing during the last months and hope to continue adding new members!

This time, we send you our second newsletter.

In the following sections of this second newsletter, you will find a summary of the new project steps undertaken and a list of announcements that could be of interest. Enjoy!


Second stage of the project:

Development of sectoral tools and ensuring mutual understanding

User needs were identified in the first stage of the project for each of the three sectors: olive/olive oil, grape/wine and durum wheat/pasta. This information was then integrated in the development of a sectoral tool for each sector. With the objective to present a proposal of the MED-GOLD sectoral tools to users and gather their feedback, focus groups and workshops were conducted during May 2019.

A proposal (beta version) of the new tool to support strategic decisions in the durum wheat/pasta sector was presented during the participatory workshop for durum wheat held at the headquarters of the Barilla food company in Italy. Another workshop was organised to present the tool developed for the grape/wine sector. This participatory workshop for grapes was run at the Sogrape Vinhos S.A. winery in Portugal. To present the proposed tool for the olive/olive oil sector, a focus group for olive was held at the central offices of the cooperative DCOOP in Spain.

From left to right: focus group for olives/olive oil, workshop for durum wheat/pasta and workshop for grapes/wine

Mutual understanding between climate scientists and farmers regarding key concepts relevant to users' decision-making is essential for the successful development of climate services for agriculture. To favour this process, MED-GOLD organised a workshop on user perspectives and is currently working on the development of a glossary.

More information




Our website speaks different languages!


The MED-GOLD website is now available in English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Greek. Just select the flag with the preferred language in the main menu.

Click here access the MED-GOLD website»


User forum


MED-GOLD has launched an online platform to allow the MED-GOLD community to raise questions and discuss topics of interest in relation to climate services, the three project sectors of interest and agriculture in general.

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2 new info sheets:

Climate services for olive and the olive oil sector

Climate services for durum wheat and the pasta sector


Our second and third info sheets for olive/olive oil and durum wheat/pasta are online!

Remember that the info sheet on grapes/wine was already available (in English & Portuguese), and that another info sheet on coffee will follow soon. Stay tuned!

Download olive/olive oil info sheet (English) »  (Spanish) »

Download durum wheat/pasta oil info sheet (English) » (soon in Italian)


Webinar: Watch the recording 'Climate services as drivers of value into the Mediterranean wine sector'


The video of the first MED-GOLD webinar held in January 2019 and addressed to users from the wine sector is available online (in Portuguese). Speaker presentations and a summary of the webinar in English are also available.

Access video, presentations and summary of the webinar »


The MED-GOLD project on the Portuguese TV!


Our project was mentioned in RTP1 Portuguese TV, in the Jornal da Tarde of March 4, 2019.

Watch the recording (in Portuguese) »


Events with MED-GOLD presence

December, 2018

Conference of the Parties (COP24) »
Katowice (Poland)

One of the project partners from BSC (A. Soret) participated in a joint session represented by more than a dozen projects, including MED-GOLD, that are trying to foster cooperation. He spoke about climate innovation and how climate services can help societies to develop and better adapt to climate variability and change.

 Photo by J. Mysiak, COP24

December 12, 2018

Agrisource European Workshop: how can we encourage collaborations? »
Paris (France)

A project partner from the University of Leeds (E. Mihailescu) participated online in this event with the presentation 'The MED-GOLD project: Turning climate-related information into added value for traditional MEDiterranean Grape, Olive and Durum wheat food systems'. The aim was to raise awareness on the MED-GOLD project objectives and community roles in line with the general theme of engaging with actors across climate and agriculture sectors.


February 6-8, 2019

University of Padova Winter School »
Padova (Italy)

The MED-GOLD user for grapes and the wine sector, Sogrape (A. Graça), mentioned our project in the presentation 'We can't trust our grandfathers anymore?', an event where he was invited as director of Sogrape Vinhos R&D.

Photo by M. Marangon - ITAfoodandwine, U. Padova winter school

March 5-7, 2019

Climate Change Leadership Conference: Solutions for the wine industy »
Porto (Portugal)

Sogrape, the MED-GOLD user for grapes and the wine sector (A. Graça), was a speaker in the conference and introduced our project in the presentation 'Vineyard responses around the world'. In the conference, speakers updated delagates on the latest scientific findings focusing upon applied solutions coming from both within and outside the industry.

Photo by Climate Change Leadership

March 18-19, 2019

COST inDust workshop on communication, visualisation and user engagement »
Bucharest (Romania)

One of the project partners from BSC (M. Terrado) presented MED-GOLD user engagement activities in the training session of the workshop that focused on user engagement.

 Photo by COST inDust, Workshop on communication, visualisation and user engagement

April 9, 2019

Union for the Mediterranean workshop about climate change impact on agriculture »
Barcelona (Spain)

One of the project partners from BSC (A. Soret) participated in the session of project cases of the workshop. He presented results of the MED-GOLD project, together with work developed under other H2020 projects, in the talk 'Climate variability and predictions for agriculture'.

 Photo by UT SEMIDE, Workshop on climate change impact on agriculture

April 7-12, 2019

European Geophysical Union General Assembly »
Vienna (Austria)

A partner from ENEA's project coordination team (L. Ponti) raised awareness on the MED-GOLD community and the possibility to join it. He presented physiologically-based demographic models as key technological components in the talk 'Bioeconomic analogies as a unifying paradigm for modeling agricultural systems under global change in the context of geographic information systems'.

 Photo by Pfluegl, EGU

May 13, 2019

Oenoviti Symposium »
Athens (Greece)

The MED-GOLD user for grapes and the wine sector, Sogrape (A. Graça), participated in the symposium with the presentation entitled 'Climate services in the wine industry: promises from the project MED-GOLD'. The event was aimed to discuss changes in varietal wine quality, typicality, chemical and sensorial characters in the frame of climate change and the consequences of vines management, wine market and tourism economy.

 Photo by Oenoviti International Network

May 15-17, 2019

11th Alentejo Vine and Wine Symposium »
Évora (Portugal)

The MED-GOLD user for grapes and the wine sector, Sogrape (M. Teixeira, N. Fontes, A. Graça), attended the symposium.

 Photo by Vinhos do Alentejo

May 18, 2019

Masters of Olive Oil International Contest »
San Remo (Italy)

A project partner from the University of Leeds (E. Mihailescu) presented MED-GOLD during the contest awarding ceremony, where there was a session reserved for last developments in the olive oil sector.


May 15-18, 2019

Expoliva: International fair of the olive oil and allied industries »
Jaén (Spain)

The MED-GOLD user for olives and the olive oil sector, DCOOP (J. López) introduced our project to some of the fair attendants that were interested and distributed brochures.

 Photo by DCOOP, Expoliva

May 15-17, 2019

General Assembly of the MEDSCOPE project »
Milan (Italy)

The activities developed in the MED-GOLD project were presented during the MEDSCOPE GA, that our project coordinators from ENEA (A. Dell'Aquila) were invited to attend to enhance collaboration with related initiatives.


May 28-30, 2019

European Climate Change Adaptation Conference (ECCA) »
Lisbon (Portugal)

Various project partners from the University of Leeds (E. Mihailescu and M. Bruno-Soares), Sogrape (M. Teixeira, N. Fontes and A. Graça) and BSC (M. Terrado) attended the conference and disseminated the MED-GOLD project. E. Mihailescu had an oral presentation about climate services co-development in the project, entitled 'Co-development of tailored climate services for adding value to olive, grape and durum wheat production systems'. Our project also participated in the joint JPI Climate & Climateurope booth, with a short overview presentation and the distribution of project brochures among the attendants that were interested in knowing more.

Photo by M. Terrado, ECCA

June 17-18, 2019

MeteoClima Conference »
Bologna (Italy)

The project coordinator from ENEA (A. Dell'Aquila) presented the MED-GOLD project with the talk entitled 'Concept of value of climate forecasts from the user's perspective: the experience of the MED-GOLD project'.

Photo by M. Pasqui, MeteoClima conference


Upcoming Events

September 9-13, 2019

European Meteorological Society Annual Meeting »
Copenhagen (Denmark)

Project partners will participate to the meeting with two oral presentations under the titles 'Development of climate services from the user perspective: the MED-GOLD experience' and 'Mediterranean agro-climate projections and the case of olives in Andalusia: results from the MED-GOLD project'.


October 15-17, 2019

MED-GOLD General Assembly »
Cagliari (Italy)

All project partners will meet again to assess the work done so far and plan next steps.



Nuevas tecnologías en el sector oleícola/New technologies in the olive oil sector. Mercacei magazine 99, May-June 2019, pp.216-18 (in Spanish).

Public project deliverables are available on our website.


This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement nº 776467
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